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north america's best music experience

The LOR produces Music-Based Team Building Events, runs Corp. Music Leagues and Adult Music Leagues globally.

There is a massive population of adults who play instruments or sing.  In The League Of Rock, this "Hidden Musical Population" is now meeting, learning from famous and professional musicians, recording and performing live.

The LOR has two clearly defined audiences... Companies and individual adults who play an instrument or sing.

For organizations of any size, The LOR produces the best Music-Based Team Building events in North America.  For Adults, The LOR gives thousands of people who have careers and families an easy way meet others who play or sing, to workshop with professional musicians, to record and peform live... All in ten weeks, and without giving up their careers and hitting the road.

Over a thousand adults have joined LOR Chapters in multiple cities.  Chapters are being established in North America & Europe.

Corporate clients include Deloitte, Turner Broadcasting, Timer Warner, SavATree (NYC), Royal LePage, P&G, Sanofi, Scotia Bank, Rogers, Blackberry, Quadra Chemical, National Bank, Syngenta, Dell, Transcontinental, YPO, Celgene, Roxul, Revera and Microsoft, among many other great global brands.

Corporate events and programs are perfect for sales conferences, quarterly and annual meetings, tech conferences, mergers and acquisitions, or any event where interactive entertainment is required.  The team comprises professional and famous musicians, change management experts and event producers.

Participants learn from professional and famous musicians in an authentic environment.  Participants learn better collaboration and ideation.

Adult Music League
Join to meet other adults who play or sing, learn from pro's, record in world class studios and perform live.

Corporate Music League
Clients use our recruitment and retention programs to give the Creative Class a voice.  Like corp. sports leagues, only for the many creative people hidden within companies.  Discover new talent, do fundraising concerts and engage on a deeper level.

Music-Based Team Building
This is North America's Best Team Building Event.  Participants are charged with re-writing the lyrics to famous songs and performing live.  The emotion-packed process is captured on video.  The LOR All-Star Band performs and everyone enjoys highly collaborative experiences.