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Company Music Leagues


The League Of Rock is North America's Best Music Experience.
Over a thousand people have enjoyed The League Of Rock's signature J.A.B. (Join A Band) Sessions.  The program is well-proven, smooth running, easy to organize and for participants it's deeply engaging, fun to participate in and gives people the chance to really give back to the community.

It runs much like a company baseball league, only this program gives our clients the opportunity to harness their creative class in unique and deeply emotional ways.  

Give the talent hidden within your ranks a powerful voice and empower your staff in ways you never thought possible. The program benefits organizations, employees, and communities everywhere.

Company Music-Leagues Are A Powerful Recruitment & Retention Tool.

The League Of Rock brings people together, fosters collaboration and builds much deeper relationships enterprise wide.

Incorporate a fund raising aspect and you’ll raise money for your community doing concerts and create much deeper emotional connections in the community. The program is a powerful tool to engage people locally or globally.

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Participants experience the raw emotion of a standing ovation and the excitement of professional live concert performances.  League Of Rock's coaches, famous and professional musicians, and event production professionals provide a truly powerful and unique experience.

Employees Enjoy The Most Authentic Music Experience On The Planet...

  • Staff Divides Into Full Bands
  • Sessions Last 12 Weeks
  • All Gear Supplied
  • Powerful Engagement
  • Pro Musicians Coach
  • Great Rehearsal Studios
  • Beverages + Pizza Supplied
  • Show Up, Plug In & Play
  • Perform Live At Fund Raising Concerts

Guest Artists Coach The Bands

Famous and professional musicians coach through the complete process.  Singers and instrumentalists help participants in all aspects of song arrangement, getting a sound, vocal arrangement, dynamics, stage craft and live performance.

The League Of Rock can provide star power ranging from young emerging rock bands all the way back to the originators of the British Invasion.  The full spectrum of rock and popular music is represented in our roster of guest coaches.

Select Guest Coaches Include:

  • Earl Slick (John Lennon, David Bowie)
  • Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie)
  • Kasim Sulton (Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, Utopia, Patti Smith, Joan Jett)
  • Jim McCarty (Drummer For the Yardbirds, British Invasion All-Stars)
  • Gerardo Velez (Percussionist for Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie
  • Richie Cannata (Saxophonist for Billy Joel Band, Elton John, The Beach Boys)
  • Robin Lemesurier (Guitarist for Rod Stewart, Ron Wood)
  • Matt Zimbel (Percussionist, Bandleader of Manteca)

The Facts

  • North America’s most authentic music experience
  • Multiple live performance opportunities
  • Full documentary captures every moment on camera
  • Guest artists coach
  • Turnkey program includes facilities, gear, food, beverages, program coordination, and execution