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The Rock Show

An Amazing Music-Based Live Game Show/Concert Experience!

This interactive Game Show is engaging and entertaining and ideally suited for companies and organizations requiring an "ice breaker" either at the beginning or end of conferences and meetings, or perhaps just a short entertainment break between heavy workloads.

This event doesn't require any musical skill what so ever.  Ideally the program lasts from twenty minutes to one hour in length.

The League Of Rock provides a variety of gaming formats to keep it fresh and interesting.  There’s always a full array of cool instruments from bongos, to conga drums, other percussion instruments, guitars, basses and keyboards... all audience members are invited to jam with the band, sing and assist the host.

Included in this interactive experience is a League Of Rock All-Star Band performance.  The League Of Rock is known for its fabulous musicians selected for their generous, personable nature.  Participants will truly enjoy learning and playing with the best.

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How It Works

Participant groups can be as small as ten people and as large as four hundred, gathered in standard audience form. The League Of Rock provides a full array of instruments, a host with podium, contestant podiums with light up scores and all the expected beeps and buzzes for jumping in with answers, along with the League Of Rock All-Star Band.

Songs and trivia games are selected according to your audience age, so the show always deeply engages everyone. We have several game formats we use to keep it fast moving, ever changing and interesting.

We work with you to create an event using this variety of games to ensure the event lasts for just the right amount of time and stays engaging and fun right to the end.  Combinations are always music-based and include song naming challenges, music trivia challenges and performance challenges.

The host introduces the band and explains the ground rules based on the pre-determined set of games.  When the host finishes, the band breaks into it's first song and the games begin.  Depending on the variety of games selected, there could be performance challenges integrated into the event and other interesting twists and turns.

Participants can relax, there's no pressure, it's fun, it's participatory and interactive and it's as current and timely as you wish it to be.

The show can be produced in virtually any type of venue, from restaurants, to hotel conference rooms, and from clubs to theaters.

The event is turnkey so there are no surprises... everything is taken care of.  The League Of Rock provides the content, the talent, the Rock Show Set and Props and all musical equipment and instruments.

Collective music making encourages social cohesion at a deeply basic level.  This provides a strong foundation for collaboration among co-workers.

The Facts

  • Unique Ice Breaker event
  • For groups of 20 up to 500 people
  • Game show content can be customized to a theme or demographic
  • People who CAN play an instrument or sing, can jam with the band
  • Works with any venue, just require power
  • Requires no musical talent, just a positive attitude