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Music-Based Team Building


Jumpstart Creativity & Collaboration.  Get a direct line to your staff while they’re at work and at play, with music-based team building events, rewards, and incentives programs.

Get your team truly connected by combining the universal language of music with the excitement of Rock‘N' Roll!

Too often traditional team building events favor athletes or heavy thinkers.  The League Of Rock provides visceral and cerebral experiences everyone can excel at.  There's a place for everyone in the League Of Rock.

"The League Of Rock is on the cutting edge of Arts Based Management Training"... Click to See The University Of San Francisco's League Of Rock Endorsement

Give people a relaxed environment, focus on their strengths, and watch them collaborate like never before.  Music is truly the universal language.  You and your colleagues will get "out of the box" and onto the stage like you've been in the same band since you were teenagers.  See video examples here.

In this program participants experience raw emotion, the feeling of a standing ovation and the excitement of full-on professional live performance.

We understand your business case and we know you have critical objectives.  Our Team Building program is tailored to meet your objectives.  We develop your program and focus on achieving measurable results.

Click to See The University Of Waterloo's League Of Rock Endorsement

League Of Rock's coaches, professional musicians and event production professionals work together to provide a truly powerful and engaging experience. Bring together colleagues of vastly differing social and professional backgrounds and use the power of music to communicate on levels they never have before.

With individual personalities and specific goals in mind, you'll place them in a highly collaborative situation where they must prepare for a final performance under a compressed deadline. During the process our professional song writing coaches and musicians ensure great songs are produced while everyone enjoys the process.

Guest Artists

Famous and professional musicians coach through the complete process. Songwriters, singers and instrumentalists help participants in all aspects of the song writing process.

Based on your desires, the League Of Rock can provide star power ranging from young emerging rock bands all the way back to the originators of the British Invasion. The full spectrum of rock and popular music is represented in our pool of guest artists.

Select Guest Artists Include:

  • Earl Slick (John Lennon, David Bowie)
  • Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, Tin Machine)
  • Kasim Sulton (Todd Rundgren, Cheap Trick, Utopia, Patti Smith, Joan Jett)
  • Erica Ehm (Much Music VJ, Yummymummyclub.com)
  • Matt Zimbel (Percussionist, Bandleader of Manteca)
  • Richie Cannata (Saxophonist for Billy Joel Band, Elton John, The Beach Boys)
  • Gerardo Velez (Percussionist for Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie)
  • Jim McCarty (Drummer For the Yardbirds, British Invasion All-Stars)
  • Robin Lemesurier (Guitarist for Rod Stewart, Ron Wood)
  • Antoine Gratton (French Canadian Rock Star)
  • Natalie Richard (Musique Plus Vj)

The Facts

  • Authentic music experience.
  • Tailored for groups from 15 to 500 people.
  • Fully scalable event - Half day, full day, or multi-day.
  • Full concert performances kick off and wrap up the event.
  • Two cameras capture the full event along with participant interviews to create a documentary.
  • Guest artists available upon request.
  • Experienced musicians from within your organization perform with the band.
  • Works with any type of venue, the only requirement is access to electricity.
  • Requires no musical talent, just a positive attitude.

High Production Values

Roving camera crews surround your event and add a very cool vibe to what is already a professional but fun atmosphere.

The League Of Rock delivers high production value in every respect. High level talent, epic songs, great gear, and everything you’ve come to expect from a big show is included in LOR Productions.

Event Timeline

Participants contribute to the full music production process. Your teams need to continually strive and improve. We work with you to create an event where everyone thrives in a truly creative and collaborative environment.


Participants meet the LOR All-Stars, the production staff and get a scope on who they'll be working with during the event. LOR band members always take time to speak to the participants, share stories from their career and provide pointers on how to excel in a highly collaborative music environment. The LOR's Host lays down the ground rules and explains the day's events.

Full Concert Experience

League Of Rock events are always kicked off with a powerful performance by the All-Star Band.  Everyone sits back and enjoys the music.  No pressure, no work, just fun . . . even if the event starts at 9am!

The League Of Rock All-Star Bands in the US and Canada feature many top musicians. Lead by Musical Director Topher Stott, the lineup includes:

  • Earl Slick (David Bowie)
  • Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie)
  • Neil Jason (Roxy Music, Letterman, Brecker Brothers)
  • Dan Clancy (Lighthouse)
  • Michael Zweig (Burton Cummings, Bachman-Cummings, Andy Kim)
  • Jeff Jones (Tom Cochrane, Ocean)
  • Tom Lewis (Tom Cochrane, Fefe Dobson, Alan Frew)
  • Michael Bowell (Jenny Whitely, High Lonesome Strings, The Salads)
  • Peter Kadar (Blues Brothers, Eva Avila)
  • Blair Packham (The Jitters)

Lyric Writing Challenge

All participants are divided into Lyric Writing Teams. The challenging and highly interactive collaboration begins. If participants wish to turn a traditional rock song into a reggae song, they can! The only limit is their imagination. Roving musicians, songwriters and vocalists work with teams to create the best, funniest, grooviest, or most interesting lyrics. The room is filled with music and the interaction is amazing to watch.

Performance Workshop

Those who can play an instrument are inducted into the band for the event. If there are five guitar players, then we bring five great guitars and amps. If there are five drummers, there's five drum kits.

The band simply grows by the number participants who join. The band creates arrangements so everyone gets lots of stage time during performances. During the song writing process, your staff musicians enjoy an incredible session of learning, jamming and collaborating with professional musicians.

Song Performances

The LOR All-Stars are trained and eager to perform the new lyrics to each song with or without participants. Of course everyone is welcome on stage and in most cases most participants feel safe and confident enough to do back up vocals. In all cases, song performances are always extremely gratifying and entertaining. Everyone loves the payoff when they hear their songs performed by professionals.

Awards & Encore Performances

The event always winds up with awards in such categories as "Team With The Most Rock Spirit", or "Funniest Lyrics". The client is responsible for providing the prizes, but the LOR Hosts handle the whole prize awards process. All that's left to do is sit back and enjoy a final concert by the LOR All-Stars. Everyone comes away being inducted as honorary members in the League Of Rock.