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Vessmann Headshot


Rob got his start in the business over thirty years ago as a DJ.  He worked school dances, weddings, private and corporate events. At this time, he opened and closed for such acts as The Bearnaked Ladies, Jim Cuddy Band, The Mahones and many other great touring acts.  Rob is no stranger to audiences as big as 16,000. 

His performances took him from Toronto to Montreal, to New York, down to Florida, and back. Bear is no stranger to all things music and media, from live performance as a DJ and a drummer, to street reporter and promotions for radio stations MIX 99.9 and Fan 590. You may have even heard his voice overs on commercials as well.

Rob has been playing drums, singing and writing and producing for twenty years. He's built and operated recording studios and currently he built and still runs The Farm Rehearsal Facility.

His many and varied experiences makes Bear the ideal character to run the Toronto Chapter for The League Of Rock.

Cooper Seldon Headshot


Cooper is driven by music, pure and simple.  He began playing the guitar at age 13, and was inspired by the song Since I’ve Been Lovin’ You by Led Zeppelin off Led Zeppelin III.  Since then he's added Metallica, In Flames, Dream Theater, and many others to his list of bands that inspire him to keep pushing forward in an industry as challenging as this.

The first guitar I owned was a Tanglewood electric/acoustic.  Shortly following this acquisition, his pursuit of the perfect guitar brought him to a Dean ML Baby in silver.  Since then his continued search has added an Ernieball Musicman, John Petrucci Signature, an Ibanez Prestige 7 string, an Ibanez Jem, an OlP doubleneck, and an Epiphone Les Paul.  The search never ends and his education in all things "gear" makes him a strong addition to the League Of Rock Crew. 

He's in a band called ZeA and they've been playing together for almost 5 years. They're produced their first EP. Music is his life and his passion.  A day is not complete for Cooper if he didn't have a song or a melody going through his head.

Cooper is The League Of Rock's Toronto Gear Tech and handles logistics.  Anything which requires plugging in, or setting up, tearing down and tuning is his domain and we're proud to have him on the team.

Dick Cooper Headshot

Dick Cooper

Guitarist & Songwriter
Dick wrote most of the songs on the Cooper Brothers albums and when the band went their separate ways in 1983 he continued to write… venturing into the fields of television (You Can’t Do That on Television, Denim Blues) and video games. Dick spent 10 years as Creative director at Artech Studios penning numerous best selling titles and working with the likes of John Cleese, Whoopi Goldberg and Andy Serkis. Dick’s first novel, Jukebox was published by Rain Books in October 2007 and is receiving excellent reviews.

His history in rock'n roll, his skill as a musician, and of course... the road stories... make him the ideal character to run the Ottawa Chapter for The League Of Rock.

Steve St. Jeane Headshot


Steve has been around music for a very long time.  He knows what it takes to make it happen, and he's one of those people who knows how to make it happen.  He's got a heart of gold, and an incredible personality.  Steve is our Ottawa Gear Tech and handles logistics.  Anything that requires power, or has to be somewhere at a certain time, Steve handles it for The League and does it with such ease it baffles us.