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J.A.B. (Join A band) Sessions


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Enjoy The Experience... No Lugging Gear...

  • You're In A Full Band Situation
  • Sessions Last 10 Weeks
  • All Gear Supplied
  • Great Community Of Musicians
  • Pro Musicians Coach At Each Rehearsal
  • Great Rehearsal Studios
  • Perform In Live Venues
  • Record A Track In A World Class Studio
  • Free Beer + Pizza
  • Show Up, Plug In & Play
  • Perform At A Live Showcase Concert


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How J.A.B. Sessions Work

The Draft Event
At the Draft Event, all members meet each other and the coaches for the first time. This is where band mates meet each other for the first time, talk about the next ten weeks, get familiar and discuss the music they're interested in playing together. Members pick a band name and select three songs to play. Each week your band is coached by some of Canada's best pro musicians. Click here to see our Coaches Roster

Weeks 1 - 4 - Regular Rehearsals
The first four weeks are spent identifying and practicing the three songs you've selected as as a band. Each band gets a private rehearsal studio. Songs selected can be original material or covers.  It's your choice.

Week 5 - Midway Workshop - Your First Gig!
Week five is the first midway workshop, where the bands play live on stage for the first time and receive instruction from the coaches in a group format. It's a safe environment, it's forgiving, and it gives you the chance to build confidence. It's a great social experience, and members use these events to meet other musicians for future sessions.

Week 6 - Regular Rehearsal
Week six is back at the Rehearsal Studio working through the feedback you received from coaches in the week 5 Midway Workshop, and working toward your second live gig in week 7.

Week 7 - Midway Workshop - Second Live Gig!
Week seven is the second Midway Workshop, where the bands play live on stage. This time the bands receive coaching in a community setting from the front of the stage with a panel of feature coaches!

Week 8 - Regular Rehearsal
Week eight is back at the Rehearsal Studio for the final rehearsal. Bands put the final touches on their three song set for the Week 10 Final Showcase and they select one of them for a recording ression. The best song from the three they've perfected is readied for a full-on session at a world class studio.

Week 9 - Recording Session
Week nine is the four hour session where you record your song for the Sessions Greatest Hits CD. You will lay down bed tracks, overdub solos, and vocals and then go to final mix, all in four hours!

Week 10 - Final Showcase
The final week is a Showcase at an amazing venue. It's open to the public, and family and friends are invited. This is the pay-off for our members and it is a whole lott'a fun. The show is shot with a camera crew and the members receive a DVD of the full show!

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All the gritty details are handled for you. It's simple and there's no moving heavy gear around. Sign up, show up and get into a band in a fantastic rock environment. Get into a band, learn from the best in the business, play any type of music you want, record and showcase the music.

No Pressure, No Rock Star Attitude... Just a bunch of nice people doing great music.