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Join as an individual, or join as a group. For 13 years The League Of Rock has been the number one destination for recreational musicians to get a fast and easy way to meet others who play instruments or sing. Individuals or groups join a ten week session and everything is taken care of. Simply show up, plug in, and play. In ten short weeks you’ll perform live on stage three times and record in a world class studio. The final Rock Show is packed and it’s always the best music bash in the city.

We know how to get bands ready for recording and performing live. We welcome existing groups. If you're tired of endless rehearsals that don't move the needle. Bring your band through the League Of Rock. It's the best move you'll ever make.

Everyone needs a creative outlet.  For 13 years, The League of Rock has given a stage to more than three thousand people who play an instrument or sing.  

Every session we produce is always an incredible journey.

The League Of Rock gives people stuck in the basement and who have nobody to jam with, an easy path to meet others, get into bands, record in world class studios and perform on the best stages, in the best live venues.

Are you looking for musicians to play with? Are you in a group and need to raise the bar? The League Of Rock is for individuals or groups... Anyone who can play an instrument or sing.  You wouldn't join a hockey league if you couldn't play hockey. Well, you wouldn't join a band if you couldn't string three chords together. As long as you can play an instrument or sing, you can join.

When rock and roll was invented, you didn't learn by sitting in a small square room taking lessons from a teacher.  You got with friends, you shared licks, you learned from each other, and you rocked out loud. When you join The League Of Rock, it's like joining a pick-up league, only you play in a great band for ten Wednesday nights.

This is where you go to implement what you learned from your music teacher.

The best thing about The LOR is you're coached each week by professional and famous touring musicians who play in some of the best bands in the Country.

Some of Canada's Best Musicians
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About League Of Rock

A serial entrepreneur, Terry Moshenberg, founded the LOR in 2006 after selling a software company. He had one rule for his next project...  It had to be insanely fun, make lots of people extremely happy, and perhaps even change peoples lives for the better.  The League Of Rock delivers on that promise.

Terry develops powerful strategies.  He's implemented international marketing solutions, e-commerce and web solutions and, he's not too bad on the guitar as well.

This League Of Rock is North America's Best Music Experience. Programs include Music-Based Team Building Events and Music Leagues for non-pro musicians stuck in the basement and who have nobody to jam with.

The team comprises famous and professional musicians and event planning pro's.

Terry has experience, deep relationships, and vision.  He has tenacity and the power to execute. Terry is a builder of teams.

Neil Jones - Chapter Coordinator

Within the LOR, Neil makes sure programming is well-timed, and scheduled. He maintains relationships with all coaches, venues, recording studios, and rehearsal facilities. Neil makes sure sessions happen seamlessly. He is the goto for all things League Of Rock.

Josh Mosh - Gear Tech
Josh is the next generation.  He's a solid player, he understands the challenges new members face and he works hard to make sure members get what they need. Josh makes sure our members sound good. He'll plug you in, get your amp tweaked, and make sure the kit is set. He ensures gear is organized, stages are prepared, and musicians are ready to go. If members have technical issues, Josh has it covered.

Dick Cooper - Head Coach
Dick has been with the LOR since it started in Ottawa. Dick is an incredible musician, a fabulous songwriter, and he's got incredible road experience. Dick is the the real thing. He can break down a band and build it back up in fifteen minutes flat. Dick and the coaching crew in Ottawa make the experience simply incredible.

Steve St. Jean - Gear Tech
Steve is simply the best. Steve has been with the LOR since it started in Ottawa over six years ago. Steve brings more to the LOR than you can describe. He makes sure our members are happy, well hydrated, and organized in so many ways.  He also makes our members sound good. He'll plug you in, get your amp tweaked, and make sure the kit is set. He ensures gear is organized, stages are prepared, and musicians are ready to go. If members have technical issues, Steve has it covered.


Coaching Roster

In the League Of Rock our members are coached by touring pro musicians. These are just a few of our coaches. They're generous, highly skilled and know how to give non-pro musicians an incredible experience. Click on an image for details.


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