How J.A.B (Join A Band) Sessions Work


Everyone's welcome. Join as an individual we'll build a band for you, or bring your own band along for the ride. No matter what, it's always an incredible journey.

The Winter Session kicks off in February. Spring kicks off in May. The Summer Session kicks off in August, and the Fall Session kicks off in October.

Everyone starts by submitting the Registration Form. You can register as an individual, or as a group. Individuals are assembled into full bands, and groups either enjoy the process as a full band, or if your group needs to add an instrument it's doesn't currently have, we'll provide that too. You can join any session you wish. Simply select from the list in the form. 



Week 0... The Kick Off.
This is where everyone meets their band mates for the first time. We speak with everyone who joins, get a sense of their musical preferences and other details. This information, combined with the registration form, gives us all we need to build the bands before anyone meets. No auditions, no egos.

Our focus is on fun, creating new music with people we wouldn't normally jam with, doing new and different songs we wouldn't normally play, and playing music in new and different ways. It's always fresh, interesting and challenging.

The kick off event gives everyone a chance to meet new musicians, talk music, get into bands and meet the crew and coaches.

We do a roll call, everyone meets their bands mates and trades email address. The session is now off and running.

Between the kick off and the first rehearsal seven days later, everyone trade emails suggesting songs they'd like to try. By the time Week 1 First Rehearsal comes, all bands have selected a few songs to jam out to. All you need is one, to the get band rolling.

Week 1, 2, 3 & 4 :: Regular Rehearsals
The first four weeks are always interesting. Each band is assigned a private sound-proof rehearsal studio, a bucket of Waterloo Beer and a hot pizza. These first few rehearsals are where the bands figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the band and zero in on the songs they'll be doing. It's always a challenge and it's always new and different.

Each week two Coaches attend rehearsals. They help bands with dynamics, they help create pro arrangements, suggest harmonies and help move the bands swiftly to their targets. Click here to see the Coaches Roster.

Week 5 :: Midway Live Performance Workshop
The first Midway Live Performance Workshop is the first three live performances all bands do. The League Of Rock arranges the performance at various pro live venues and the coaches provide feedback in a private setting after each performance. The Live Performance Workshops are an incredible experience.

Week 6 :: Regular Rehearsal
Inevitably bands learn a lot about their current state of readiness for a full on show at the Week Five Midway, so the work that happens in the Week 6 Regular Rehearsal is always incredible. Bands always turn the corner, pull up their boot straps and really nail everything down for the next performance.

Week 7 :: Midway Live Performance Workshop
The Week 7 Midway Live Performance Workshop is the second live performance and it is incredible. It's always a blast to see the bands come back ready to rip. This is where they turn the corner. Coaches provide feedback in what we call Community Coaching format. They coach from the front of the stage while the other bands watch, listen and share the information. It's always lively, challenging, and intense. Coaches also weigh in on which song they think bands should record in the upcoming recording session.

Week 8 :: Regular Rehearsal
The week 8 regular rehearsal is the last rehearsal before the recording sessions. Bands are tight, they're ready and they're psyched because the next phase of the session is a fully produced pro recording session at Noble Street Studios. Click here to see more on this world class Super Studio.

Bands use week 8 to tighten up that one song which they've selected to record.

Recording Sessions
The weekend right after the eighth Wednesday is when all the bands select a date/time to record one of the three songs they've been working on. In week five we notify all bands of the forthcoming Recording Session Schedule and everyone picks from the available slots.

The League Of Rock schedules Noble Street Studios along with an engineer and a Producer. Everything is taken care of and each band moves in at their select time slot, and knocks it out of the park. The League Of Rock then takes all recorded tracks and assembles a Best Of Session CD. This is often a life changing experience.

Week 10 :: The Big Showcase
The League Of Rock is known for it's Showcases. They're the best music bash in town and we pack the joint. In the past we've made The famed El Mocambo our home. We just finished a long and fabulous run at The Hard Rock Cafe and we're now at the new Hideout.

Check out this incredible live venue here.

Everyone is welcome, we promote the show and you're more than welcome to invite family and friends.

Click here to see the calendar and mark down the dates.

Our Coaches are some of Canada's best musicians
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How J.A.B. Sessions Work