Get the hell out'a the basement and hit the stage...

Adults need a creative outlet even more than kids do.  For over 10 years, The League of Rock has given a stage to more than three thousand people who play an instrument or sing.  

Every session we produce is always an incredible journey.

The League Of Rock gives adults who are stuck in the basement and have nobody to jam with, an easy path to meet others, get into bands, record in world class studios and perform on the best stages, in the best live venues.

The League Of Rock is for anyone who can play an instrument or sing.  You wouldn't join a hockey league if you couldn't play hockey. Well, you wouldn't join a band if you couldn't string three chords together.  As long as you can play an instrument or sing, you can join.

When rock and roll was invented, you didn't learn by sitting in a small square room taking lessons from a teacher.  You got with friends, you shared licks, you learned from each other, and you rocked out loud. When you join The League Of Rock, it's like joining a pick-up league, only you play in a great band for ten Wednesday nights.

This is where you go to implement what you learned from your music teacher.

The best thing about The LOR is you're coached each week by professional and famous touring musicians who play in some of the best bands in the Country.

Some of Canada's Best Musicians
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